About Green Energy Platform

Green Energy Platform is a multi-vendor web-platform that will bring together buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, experts and financial institutions to develop the renewable energy market and market for “green” technologies and solutions for households and businesses in Kyrgyzstan.
The platform will facilitate interaction between groups by reducing costs and will increase market transparency and accountability of the suppliers and manufacturers.
Energy Access Platform and is being created as part of the UNDP-OFID project “Development of small and medium-sized businesses on access to energy” and will offer the following advantages to buyers to:
  • get full information about "green" technologies and renewable energy sources,
  • get answers to specific questions from experts,
  • compare prices of different suppliers and manufacturers,
  • get real customer reviews and see ratings of products and suppliers,
  • receive information about installed demonstration systems,
  • pay by cash, credit card or take out a loan from micro-credit institutions or banks,
  • order delivery, installation and equipment maintenance and
  • leave feedback about suppliers and products, and become “experts” through creating text and video materials.
Target buyers that the platform will aim to attract, are: households and small to medium businesses, with special emphasis on green tourism and agriculture.
Other sides of the platform will be represented by suppliers, manufacturers, installers, transport companies, financial institutions and experts. These vendors will be able to attract clients through cooperation within Energy Access Platform framework, and, specifically, though using micro-credit institutions for distributing information about the products and demonstrations sites.